Windows 10 Home Vs Pro Edition

The Apple Macintosh is popular among young people because of its fixed price sold in all stores. Although the price is higher for buying desktop or laptop, you don’t need to bargain and ask for additional apps installed. On the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List other hand, buying a Windows 10 PC or laptop is a skill because each reseller might have a different price for the same model. Also, the confusion comes with Windows 10 editions that offer different features. If you are planning to buy Windows 10 or upgrade, here is a comparison of Windows 10 Home Vs Pro editions. Related: How to find the version of Windows 10 on your computer? Differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro Microsoft offers different types of Windows editions.

Read Windows 10 Tutorials Online

There are many tutorial articles available on the internet that offer troubleshooting and tips for Windows 10. However, you should understand that the tutorials apply to which edition of Windows 10 so that you can follow them on your laptop or computer. pc. Otherwise, you may not understand that the features are not available on your computer. Windows 10 Home Home is the basic edition of Windows 10, supporting all features for general user needs. Its basic Windows Cortana features were previously supported on mobile, Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium engine and advanced notepad is part of enhanced Windows 10. Also, the Home Edition supports the Windows Insider Program, the open-source software testing program, although it does not include security and group management features.

Windows 10 Professional

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List
Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

The home version offers important features for general users, such as touch screens, voice commands and pen sketches. Supports built-in encryption function by default but does not match BitLocker encryption standard. Unlike previous versions, the Home edition supports virtual desktop and continuum flagship feature to enable tablet mode on the desktop. Plus, you can run up to four apps on a single screen. The Home edition does not have the full Office suite but supports the free trial version of Microsoft 365. Users have the option to extend the subscription plan after the trial period. With access to Microsoft’s OneDrive, users can access 5GB of storage for free with much more available after subscription. Windows 10 Home is an entertainment feature. It supports Xbox app with Xbox controller support and Game DVR.

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