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Windows security center, click on the “virus and threat protection settings” link. Protection settings protection settings disable “real-time protection” to temporarily disable the antivirus. Disable protection disable protection Ghana B2B List check if the chrome sync issue has been resolved. Otherwise, you may need to check and disable any other third-party antivirus suits. For best results, you can uninstall the antivirus and reinstall it later. On mac, disable any antivirus software if you installed it from a third party. Solution 2: disable chrome’s sync feature/sign out of your account you can disable the sync feature in chrome and re-enable it to fix some of the above issues. This will sign you out of the google account, then you can sign in to start syncing again.

 Button to Disable

Disable synchronization disable synchronization click “disable” in the resulting pop-up window to confirm. You can check the box at the bottom of the pop-up window to clear all synced data. Sign out sign out to activate synchronization, click on “activate synchronization…” in the “people” section. Enter your gmail credentials to login. Chrome will ask you to confirm if you want to enable synchronization; click “activate” to continue. Activate synchronization activate synchronization now check that the synchronization function is working. Solution 3: reset chrome sync when you sync, google stores the data on the cloud server. You can also set a passphrase to encrypt your data so google can’t read it. You can reset sync and passphrase, then turn on the feature to start syncing your data again.

Confirm reset confirm reset

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Ghana B2B List

once done, log back into chrome to start syncing your data from scratch. Remember that resetting synchronization will delete the data on the server. However, the data on your local device will remain intact. So you can sync your local data with the server again. Solution 4: clear browser cache google chrome keeps a cache of your visited sites to minimize the loading time each time you visit the websites later. Sometimes cleaning the browser cache can resolve the sync error. Open the “chrome:scroll down and click on the “advanced” option. Scroll down to the bottom of the “privacy and security” settings again and click on “clear browsing data”. On the new pop-up window, switch to the “advanced” tab and set “all time” in the time range field. Check browsing/download history, cookies, cached images and file options and click the “clear data” button. Clear browsing data in chrome clear browsing data in chrome this will delete the selected history and clean your browser.

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