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Monitoring the website Especially if you work at a larger organization, changes are regularly made to the website. Several teams are working on experiments, A/B tests, new content or implementing a new tool at the same time. It is then possible that the website no longer meets the cookie requirements. Monitoring is therefore very important. Earlier in the article I described how you can see if a website places cookies without your permission. I can imagine that performing this check on a daily basis can be difficult and lacking.

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Fortunately, there are solutions that help you map out the possible problems with your cookies. CompliancyScore.com works in a simple way. You only enter the URL of the website and you will then receive an overview of all cookies. The tool gives a score to the website and shows Paraguay Phone Number which cookies still need some work. There is a free version where the tool automatically checks the website once a month. If you want that more often, you pay a small amount (20 euros per month for one website, 60 euros per month for ten websites). CookieServe.com is a tool of CookieYes, a solution for cookie banners.

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Here too you can enter the URL of a website and have it checked by the tool. It is somewhat less extensive than CompliancyScore, but it still gives you an overview of the different cookies. With this tool you can also have the website monitored for a relatively small amount. On to more cookie-friendly websites Many websites currently have a malfunctioning cookie banner. And that’s a shame. Map out which cookies they all use for the websites you manage or visit often. Are all the tools necessary? And more importantly: are the cookies (not) placed correctly? Get started with improving the functioning of the cookie banner.

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