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WordPress works with PHP to process and assemble database content. WordPress simplifies many tasks by providing settings and functions that you Hungary WhatsApp Number List can control in wp-config.php and functions.php . Additionally, you can also add directives in the .htaccess file to control the behavior. Here are some WordPress code snippets that you can use to change the settings and work the way you want. Contents How to use these WordPress code snippets? 1. Schedule Trash Cleanup 2. PHP Memory Limit 3. Maintenance mode 4. Limit post reviews 5. Auto save interval 6. Take advantage of browser caching 7. Limit Post Title Length 8. Set minimum word count for post 9. Limit snippet length 10. Delete the WordPress version.

How to Use These WordPress

You need to insert the given code snippet into one of the following files: Of these three files, any changes you make with functions.php will be erased when you update your theme. You can either use the child theme or update the code every time after updating the theme. When you delete a post or page, WordPress by default sends the content to the trash without any warning. However, trash content will be there forever on your site unless you manually delete it. The purpose of this code snippet is to schedule an automatic task to empty the Trash periodically to save you time.

Auto Save Interval

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Hungary WhatsApp Number List

You must insert the code snippet into the wp-config.php file. Replace 5 days with any number you want to schedule the cleaning job as needed. 2. PHP Memory Limit Locate the wp-config.php file and insert the snippet below to increase PHP memory limit on WordPress site.Autosave is a useful WordPress feature for saving your content as you prepare to publish online. It saves the entire content to the editor every few minutes and saves it as a separate backup to your database. However, it can be annoying and sometimes hit without letting you download or post content. If you’re not doing something mission critical, it’s best to set the interval to a longer duration.

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