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Previously, WordPress had clear territory for plugins and themes. For example, social sharing is considered part of plugin development. However, this limit becomes thin and thin with the Gutenberg block editor Singapore WhatsApp Number List grabbing a lot of plugin functionality. Additionally, WordPress core also fetches features like lazy loading and XML sitemap. In this article, let us explain where you can find the default WordPress XML sitemap and what happens if you are already using a plugin to generate an XML sitemap for your site. WordPress generates a sitemap index file and can contain up to 50,000 individual sitemaps. Each individual sitemap can contain up to 2,000 URLs. WordPress will insert a sitemap directive into the robots.txt file so that search engines can easily find the location of your sitemap.

Where Can I Find

The standard way to use the sitemap is to place the Sitemap XML file in the root of the WordPress installation. This means that users and search engines should be able to access the sitemap by adding the “/sitemap.xml” suffix to your WordPress site URL. Many SEO and general plugins already offer this way of generating an XML sitemap. To avoid any conflict with this method, WordPress creates a sitemap with a different URL. You can find the default WordPress URL by adding WordPress Default XML Sitemap WordPress Default XML Sitemap What if I’m already using a plugin? As WordPress Sitemap with Yoast SEO WordPress Sitemap with Yoast SEO In this case, you will end up having two sitemaps – one from the plugin and one from the default WordPress.

What Is the Best Option?

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You can continue to use the plugin sitemap and submit it to the search engine. However, make sure to configure the WordPress sitemap redirect to the correct sitemap URL that your plugin generates. In Yoast SEO, this redirect happens automatically and you don’t have to do anything. Can I disable the default WordPress sitemap? Unfortunately, there is no option to enable or disable the default WordPress sitemap from the admin panel. Generally, WordPress guys throw the features like lazy loading, XML sitemap, etc., to users without possibility of control. However, you can add the following code in your functions.php file to completely disable the sitemap feature.

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