WordPress Troubleshooting Guide

Self-hosted WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. However, it will be difficult to manage websites with WordPress unless you maintain them properly. WordPress will throw different types France WhatsApp Number List of errors and sometimes you will not be able to login to the dashboard with fatal errors on the frontend. Don’t panic when you get an error and follow this WordPress troubleshooting guide. To fix the error and regain access to the login page. Related: WordPress security guide for beginners. Before troubleshooting Before reading further, make sure to check the following points when you encounter an error: Remember your last action which could potentially help you narrow down the issue.

Check the Php Version

PHP is the backbone of WordPress. PHP related errors are fatal in nature and you will not be able to see the site in the frontend. Usually you will see an error or warning message indicating the PHP code that created the problem. In the example error below, you can find the redirect plugin causing the problem after updating to a newer version. The reason is that we use SiteGround hosting and version 7.3.27 is the default managed PHP version in SiteGround. PHP Fatal Error in WordPress PHP Fatal Error in WordPress Now that we have understood. The root cause of the error, we have two options: one is to revert the plugin to the previous version and the second is to update PHP on your server.

Disable Security and Caching

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Unfortunately, the first option is not possible The best and most recommended. Option is to log into your hosting account and update the PHP version to the latest version as explained in this article. After changing the PHP version, we were able to regain access to the dashboard and the site was up and running as well. Remember that WordPress recommends using PHP 8 and you can ask your web hosting company to support this requirement. This can potentially help you avoid PHP error issues. Also, many hosting companies automatically update WordPress, which can cause a fatal error. You can disable WordPress auto-update to prevent this issue from happening without your knowledge.

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