Yoast Seo Premium – Is It Worth

WordPress offers a powerful blogging platform. However, it certainly lags behind in search engine optimization features, such as adding a meta description. You need an SEO plugin, in order to fill the gap and optimize Mexico WhatsApp Number List your site for Google. Yoast is the most popular plugin available in the WordPress repository with over 5 million active installs. Although you can get most of the SEO features with a free plugin, the developer also offers a premium version. If you’re unsure whether to go for a premium version, keep reading to find our review. Since the developer offers several plugins, we first want to clarify that we are talking about the premium Yoast SEO plugin. It is a premium version of free Yoast SEO plugin and different from other premium plugins for news, WooCommerce, local, etc. You can see the name as “Yoast SEO

Yoast Premium Features

After installing Yost SEO Premium plugin, the first thing you need is to run SEO data optimization. This will help the plugin index your pages and suggest internal links when you create content. You can get the internal link suggestions right in the Gutenberg block editor panel on the right sidebar. We have over 2K posts on the site and finding relevant links is always a pain. In this situation, Yoast’s internal link suggestion is very helpful to us. Remember that the plugin will only offer 5 internal pages, you have to manually insert the links on your content. It will be great if the plugin also highlights the anchor text in the article based on which it suggests the links.

Keyword Optimization

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Mexico WhatsApp Number List

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll always struggle to find the right anchor text for every link. As you know, the free version already offers FAQ and How-To blocks with the Gutenberg editor. with the premium version you will get extra blocks. Table of contents – insert a table of contents linking all the titles of your article Related links – you can use the same 5 internal link suggestions as the related articles widget The table of contents and related links are helpful. However, like internal links, you have to insert them manually on every post. We don’t see much use of subpages and sibling blocks because we don’t use many pages/subpages.

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