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YouTube is no longer just a video sharing platform! It has become the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

In order not to ignore the potential of Youtube, the most used social media platform in Turkey, to prepare videos that your target audience will find interesting, explain the purpose and scope of your services, and answer how-to questions for sectoral information; Judging by the data, it’s no longer an option, it’s a necessity!

If you don’t want to spend money on Youtube ads, your title, video description and keyword tool; You can increase the ranking of your YouTube videos by adding keywords.


Facebook, which has almost 2 and a half billion daily Colombia Phone Numbers active users worldwide; When used with the right strategies, the potential to achieve your goals such as increasing your website traffic, gaining potential customers, and brand awareness should not be underestimated.


The number of monthly active Youtube Longer Just Facebook users in Turkey is 37 million, of which 63% are male users.

Your Facebook posts should be short, clear, funny and, if possible, shorter than 100 characters. However, this character limit is not an official rule, of course, it’s just an important detail that your followers will like more.

You can also search for trending Facebook hashtags and add a few to your posts based on relevance and popularity.

Having the most advanced advertising platform among other social media channels, Facebook is the most important social networking site where almost any type of business can find its target audience.

On Facebook; By targeting according to age, gender, employment, interests, purchasing behaviors, relationship status and many more options, you can advertise and witness that the budget you allocate for advertising turns exponentially.


A great social media channel for brands focused on visual content, Instagram is mostly used by people aged 25-34 in Turkey. This age group makes up 34.5% of Instagram users. 42.1% of Instagram users in Turkey are women, 57.9% are men. The countries that use Instagram the most are Sweden

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People between the ages of 25-34 use Instagram the most in Turkey.

On Facebook, you need to allocate an ad budget to grow your followers and increase the reach of your page and posts. On Instagram, on the other hand, even if you cannot advertise, you have the opportunity to increase your follower count organically.

Because on Instagram, users can search for a hashtag and find posts from consumers and businesses using that hashtag.

Instagram is a social media app that is more popular with young people than Facebook. Moreover, more than 25 million businesses have Instagram accounts.

How you promote your blog or website on Instagram depends on the biographical information that appears on your profile and the correct use of hashtags.

When sharing posts on Instagram, you should be careful to choose impressive photos and have your website link in your profile.

It is also beneficial to focus on inspiring images and texts instead of direct advertising and sales-oriented posts.


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