Zyfro: The Software That Makes Your Invoicing Intuitive And Pleasant!

Are you a freelancer or an SME looking for a simple? Efficient and inexpensive invoicing software to automate and simplify your invoicing and administration tasks? Zyfro may be the tool for you! Summary: What is Zero? Zero is an intuitive invoicing software optimized for SMEs. Ecommerces and freelancers. It is the perfect tool to see clearly in Albania Phone Number List administration/invoicing. It is a start-up created in 2014 by Roger Dobaño in Spain, since 2017, Zyfro has been launched on the French market. Zyfro’s goal is really to save users time and money. While automating and simplifying the entire billing and administration process . And concretely, what is Zyfro used for?

zero invoicing software overview Zyfro Invoicing Software Interface Overview It would take too long to detail all the features of the tool. In summary, here is what Zyfro allows you to do: Create unlimited and personalized invoices in just a few clicks. Manage your contacts (customers and suppliers), know who owes you money, and to whom you owe money Charts and others. Dashboards allow you to always have an eye on your business, from your computer. Zour mobile or your tablet Connect your bank accounts with the tool to facilitate your bank reconciliations (with Bankin). Synchronize your e-commerce to centralize your information on a single platform (modules available for Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop).

And Concretely, What Is Zyfro Used For?

What does Zyfro have more than its competitors? The main advantages of Zyfro are its intuitiveness and ease of use , rare commodities in the field of invoicing. You only have to test it to realize it, Zyfro is at the antipode of its austere and aging competitors. Finally, Zyfro has features such as bank synchronization and synchronization with e-commerce platforms which gives it a real advantage in the invoicing SAAS market. A mobile application will soon be available (the website is already optimized for mobile use) and we are working on the use of OCR technology to, in the near future, allow the reading and recording of invoices from a single picture . Its price, starting at 9.95€/month , makes Zyfro even more competitive, we also offer a 15-day free trial .


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What Does Zyfro Have More Than Its Competitors?

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